Dust 1947 tournament in Gothenburg, Sweden

Player list

This page will show the players that have registered for Dust Nordic 2020.

Dust Nordic 2020 has a player cap of 32 registered players.

  1. Roger Gudmundsson, Sweden (IJN)
  2. Esa Haapamäki, Sweden
  3. Leo Salonen, Finland (Axis)
  4. Daniel Unger, Germany (Allied)
  5. Sebastian Schöner, Germany (Axis)
  6. Loke Borgersen, Norway (Allied)
  7. Vanessa Unger, Germany (Mythos)
  8. Michael Skowronek, Germany (SSU)
  9. Magnus Gustavsson, Sweden
  10. Emil Persson, Sweden (IJN)
  11. Calle Dickfelt, Sweden (Mythos)
  12. Mauritz Ryding, Norway (Axis)
  13. Alexander Tell, Sweden (Axis)