Dust 1947 tournament in Gothenburg, Sweden

Rules and scenarios

Tournament rules

Dust Nordic 2020 will use the official tournament rules provided by Dust Studio, as well as the Dust Storm document made by Dust Vikings. Any changes to these documents, or any other official errata or FAQ, made less than two weeks before the tournament (Saturday April 18) will not be in effect for Dust Nordic 2020.
Dust Studio Tournament Rules PDF
Dust Storm PDF
Latest official Errata & FAQ (February 2019)

Dust Nordic 2020 will also use one specific change to the official rules:
Superhumans can not be the target of Command Actions.

It’s worth noting that there will be many multi-story buildings used. To clarify Line of Sight rules, we have prepared a handy chart for download: LOS_3D_CHART_v1.2

List building

The points limit for Dust Nordic will be 120 points. Faction bonus will be allowed, meaning the max total points for a faction army will be 132 points.

Only one army list will be used.

Your army list will need to be emailed to the organizers ([email protected]) two weeks before the tournament (Saturday April 18) .


Standings will be calculated using the Dust Storm document.

This means:
Players will get 3 Tournament Points (TP) for winning a match, and 1 TP for a draw.
The final standing will be decided by overall TPs. First tiebreaker will be Strength of Schedule (the sum of TPs the players you played against have). Second tiebreaker will be Kill Points.
Victory Points earned in matches do not effect standings, they only determine the winner of that match.


Dust Nordic 2020 will take place over five matches, and use five different scenarios. The tables used will not be all the same, each table will be unique in terrain features and setup. For examples on how the tables might look, check out our pictures from previous events. Each round, the table and scenario will be randomly selected. Ideally, no one player will play on the same table twice.

Scenarios will be revealed at a later date.

The tables will be gridded, and made up by 2 standard Dust 1947 play mats. So the total play area will be 9×12 squares.